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Some pictures of various pours from the portfilters
Pulling and testing go hand in hand

I  really wanted to keep my little website specifically focused on the equipment.  However it is very difficult to test
machines and diagnose faults without pulling espresso shots.  

What really prompted me to put some pictures up was after I did my
showdown test using my inexpensive La Pavoni
and my heavily modified Linea. It was after pulling shots that I realised I don't really concentrate as much as I should
do and have become a bit "lazy" with my technique.  So I spent an entire afternoon trying to put the new Linea
through it's paces by going back to basics with my grinding, dosing and tamping technique.  After that afternoon I
had had enough of the Macap grinder and then performed the stepless Macap conversion which is

After converting the Macap to stepless grind adjustment I then had a few hours pulling shots on the new Linea.  The
group on this machine I have changed slightly and what you will find is that the water never actually leaves the
confines of the boiler.  The brass solenoid valve is embedded in the group.  I then added a valve which delays the
full-on pressure of the water hitting the coffee.   After adjusting my grinder and using beans 5 days after roasting the
shots literally blew me away - and that was even before using a "naked" pf.

I am not sure what has changed the shots. It could be the new solenoid valve, it could be the pressure valve or it
could be both.  I don't care, because right now I am delirious with the shots it is producing.  To be honest I'm not
interested about measuring the water temps, or puck temps just yet because what is important is the results in the
cup.  And in my 9 years of pulling shots these are just astounding me.  So much so that I drove in to my workshop
both days on the weekend to make shots!  I pulled shots, drank them then went home again!  A 1.5 hour round trip!  
I have been dragging anyone even remotely interested in coffee to come and try the coffee.  
Shots from the modified group 31/01/05

Shots with a nekkid PF

You can see by the oils around the edge of the PF that some other shots hadn't poured that well :)
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sure I will say yes, but please ask first!  

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Naked pf shot.
A few seconds later.
About 5 seconds in.
10 seconds in.
20 seconds in.