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Miscellaneous equipment pictures
La Marzocco GS2 with solenoid groups. (Inside the LM factory)
La Marzocco GS with manual groups. (Inside the LM factory)

Also at the LM factory in Florence.  
La Marzocco STACK aka SMAL. (Inside the LM factory)
La Marzocco vintage machines (Inside the LM factory)
In and around Florence
La Marzocco GS Manual groups
Rome Coffee & Tea World Cup 2003
La Marzocco GS Solenoid groups
La Marzocco GS Solenoid groups

Well I only have myself to blame, this baby was up on Ebay for what seemed like years.  I had shipping quotes, I
even  had "permission" from the other half.  Unfortunately the shipping was expensive.  In the end Terry from
EPNW was man enough to step up and he did the deal and by all accounts he was pulling shots on it before
Christmas.   Well done Terry!
My workshop/office

Recently I had some overseas visitors from a well known coffee company spend a few hours with me.  We get in
and they are greeted with a wall of La Marzocco's as soon as you open the door.  One even said it was like a "toy
shop for coffee fanatics".   Only then does it sink in that it is rare to combine a job and passion and you count
your blessings.
This website is created by Paul Pratt, Hong Kong 2004. If you would like to use any of the images or text I am sure
I will say yes, but please ask first!  

Email me here.
Great colour on the machine.
A sneaky picture of the front.
The group.
Manual groups, aka Paddle Groups.
Slightly different body than the GS2
I love the GS machines.
Same machine.  The 2 boilers are on top of each other.
We couldn't remember the name of this.  Great machine though.
Doesn't get any better than these.
Another lever machine.
Front of the 2 lever machines.
Vulcano grinder.
Vulcano grinder in a shop in Florence.
A hybrid Linea-GS machine in gold plate.
This guy just didn't want me to take the picture.
Right he's gone take another pic!
Side panel.
Wow one grotty machine!
Boilers after cleaning.
This machine is owned by Justin Emerson of Coffee Supreme in
Melbourne, Australia. Justin is also a big collector and expert
restorer and has been great to email with and swap ideas.

He would like some vintage La San Marco machines (especially.
lever groups) so if you know of any let me know.
One of the best machines I have seen in a long time.  Brasilia Excelsior.
Same machine.
For a steel fan like myself, Fiorenzato make nice machines.
CMA Astoria stand.
Another of the best machines at the show - Astoira Rapallo.
The Sibilla.
LM stand.  Great blue FB70 on the cart.
Kent and Guido.
Bill looks like he is about to take the camera away from me or something.
Fiorenzato again.
Another great restoration from Justin.
Wow such a great job he did here.
Another machine from Justin in Oz.  Australia seems like a good
place to find rare machines - I notice many original E61's on Ebay
located in Australia.  

The GS with manual groups above Justin found in someone's
back garden!  No kidding.  
Lovely cute 1G GS.
Nice little machine and everything looks in place.
View from the other side.
Terry has his work cut out here!
Great machine.
A few of my collection.
A 2G AV Linea being rebuilt in the back.