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A non-commercial site for those interested in espresso equipment repair and restoration.
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About the author and the site
My thoughts on restoring vintage
About the author - 2
A few from my watch collection
Made in Taiwan - Kedge Klub
My restoration schedule
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Feedback on the modified
Linea group
Miscellaneous equipment pics
The ultimate geeky digital
grinder timer
Different metal finishes
"Upgrade fever" - are all these
really necessary?
The La Marzocco GB/5
From the workbench 1
From the workbench 2
From the workbench contains rebuild photo-essays
and technical advice to make restoring or repairing
your machine a little easier.
From the workbench 2 contains specific information
regarding components such as solenoid valves, steam
valves etc..
The serious part - liability disclaimer and
safety guildelines
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