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Part 1
La Marzocco GS2 Solenoid Valve
Part 2
Putting it all back together

So almost 1 year to the day that it was taken apart, it was time to put it all back together.  I had to spend a great deal
of time looking at the old pics to make sure I knew where everything went.  

Once both boilers were in, I did the rewire.  Since I ripped all the old wires out and threw them away a long time I had to
rewire from scratch.  Again the system is based upon the Linea wiring loom.

The machine is very original and I have kept in the thermostat and the autofill control box.  The only upgrade done
have been to the pressure switch and I have added a proper safety valve.  

I just love the small details in coffee machines.  I tried to pick out my favourite details in the pictures above.  All of the
screws on the exterior of the machine are gold, personal favourite are the screws on the steam valves.  However the
best feature is almost certainly the pressure gauge.  The original one I had to take apart and clean, and then had the
bezel plated.  Looks amazing I'm sure you will agree.  

The finishing touch - brew switches

Many thanks have to go to Jason Carponi in Melbourne for helping me with the brew switches.  He had them lying
around that he pulled off and old Eterna machine.  Such an amazing coincidence and very generous on his behalf
helping me get the machine completed.

The next few days I will be pulling shots and will take some pics.

Paul 21/08/06
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Part 3
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The original autofill was ok.
Gotta love that greeen trim.
The new CEME pressure switch.
Main terminal block.
The 2 boilers.
Group covers and their shiny new gold.
Steam valve.
Group cover.
Rear of the pressure gauge.
Even the bolt that holds the drain box is gold.
Pressure safety valve.
Vacuum breaker.
The front logo badge.
The back of the hot water valve.
Steam valve.
Steam boiler manual fill.
Even the retaining screw is gold.
Does that look good or what?
Hot water spout.
Just amazing.