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La Marzocco GS2 3 Group rebuild
Manufacturer:                       La Marzocco srl., Florence, Italy

Model:                                   GS2, 3 Group, Manual, 220V, Single Phase.  4100W (1600+2500)

Approx Date of Manuf:         1981

Date acquired:                      11th April 2005

Working condition:                Apparently yes..

Notes:                                   Posted on coffeegeek for sale.
Basic condition

Well this machine was supposed to have been reconditioned a few years back so I was hopeful that all the parts
would be in tact.  I was not too disappointed when she turned up today as the condition was as I expected and the
machine was still in original condition, just as I like them.  The only thing that has gone walkabout is the pump and
motor and one of the steel side panels.  Not to worry the pump and motors I have and the side panel I can get
someone to fabricate it.

I won't attempt to do any work until after I get back from the SCAA Seattle.
Fresh off the pallet. Just to prove I have 2, there's the other one! All in one piece.  I removed the panels, I didn't ship like this. Nice red solenoid coil....what brand is that?
Another pic to prove they are 2 different machines.
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