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Faema Lambro
Manufacturer:                Faema

Model:                           1 Group Lambro

Approx Date of Manuf:   1950's

Date acquired:              September 2006

Working condition:         ?.

Notes:                             From the collection of Enrico Maltoni

For quite some time I had wanted a lever machine and this one was quite inexpensive so I couldn't really say no.   
When it arrived I really had no idea what to expect, from the seller's pictures you can only get a glimpse of what is
involved.  I looked at the pictures and was sure that the machine would take a few days, maybe even a week
maximum.  How wrong I was!

So the machine has a steam wand, a hot water wand, manual fill of the boiler only and a lever to brew coffee.  That
really is it.  Basically the barista has to control everything, fill the boiler when required - you can see the sight glass
has some guidelines and a gas valve - this machine has been used for gas, although it is also set up for electrical.  
Oh there is also a safety valve, it is a weight like a flying saucer that rises to let off steam when the pressure is high
enough.  All very safe!

The stripdown

Sorry some of these pictures aren't in focus.  

Right up until this point, things were going well.  The manual fill valve above you will see is clean, because I had
already taken it apart so I could test the boiler.  It was completely frozen so I had no alternative but to strip it, clean it
and lubricate it so I could fill the boiler.  The elements heated up nicely.

Stripdown complete, time for the cleaning.  
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The water connection.
Pressure gauge.
Steam valve - does not swivel.
The lever was all rusty
Heating elements.
The gas burner
The back of the sight glass.
Lovely hot water valve.
The back of the lever group.
The boiler end plate and gasket.
A clue as to the age.
The drain pan.
Drain tub.
Data plate.
The lever bearing assembly.
Lever group cover.
Ready for cleaning.
Back of the frame.
Back of the frame again.