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New La Marzocco brew switch
I'm not certain if these are on new EE machines from the factory yet but I managed to snag some of these last
summer from the factory.  

These are the brew switches on machines that do mot have volumetric dosing.  The switches are DPST.

The new switch is smaller than the existing ones as it is a standard rocker switch size.  Therefore it is necessary to
use a plate with it.  I guess the theory is that the brew switch may be used on AV machines too - they also have
manual override switches.  

The switch has 2 positions and a lamp to show when it is on.

I really like the new style switch.  The first thing I did when I came back from Italy was install this switch - sad I know.  
It is tricky because you need to drill into the fascia panel so you can mount the back plate.  Once the plate is fixed in
you can then install the switch in the usual way pop in/pop out.

Paul 03/02/05
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The old EE rocker switch.
Several EE switches.
The new EE switch.
Off position.
ON position - light is illuminated.
Mounted in the machine.