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La Marzocco 2 Group Linea AV
A restaurant salvage
Manufacturer:                La Marzocco srl., Florence, Italy

Model:                            Linea, 2 Group Semi-Automatic, 220V, Single Phase.  2300W

Approx Date of Manuf:   2000 June

Date acquired:               March 2005

Working condition:         No.

Notes:                             A total disaster from start to finish
Basic condition

A long story is behind it but i won't go into the details.  This is by far my biggest challenge yet.  What happened was
a restaurant had closed down, the new owners acquired the FF&F and all the kitchen equipment.  There were 2
Lineas.  The 1st one was sold to a third party and I did the overhaul a few weeks ago. It was grimy and just needed
a total overhaul.  I returned it brand new.  

The 2nd one (supposedly the better of the two) was to be kept by the new owners and overhauled by me.  However
in the 3 weeks since I quoted for the work (and they decided what to do), the construction guys demolished the
place and also the poor old Linea.  Pictures say a thousand words so weep away all you Marzocco fans worldwide. A
sad day indeed.
Back to my workshop. The S-J Grinder looks dead. Yes that is oil inside the chamber plexi-glass Perhaps Versalab have a point about oil and crap build-up!
The switch is smashed in half - HOW? Nice! A dirtaccino anyone? Severe damage to the main body.
Didn't these people EVER clean the machine? Paint splashes, chips and dust. Speechless Er....
The front has been smashed in. Keypads broken and the top frame mangled. No idea what to say to this.  Well what did you expect?
Under the drain tray. There's a machine there somewhere. Cup tray - the actual grates are scrap, no way I can fix them. Dirt and gunk. 1st look inside the machine.
Another look at the damaged frame. A standard view of a dusty fan - HK air is so polluted. Why leave the plastic on?  Can I send it back please?
Crusty sight glass and scratched panels.  Scratched panel still covered in espresso! Leaving the sticker on means it doesn't come off. It has gone all gooey. Now let's start the stripdown!
So there you have it.  It's hard to describe how I feel right now.  Angry and disappointed that people would a) let
their machine get in this state and b) not clean the machine - ever!  For those people who look at my site because
you dream of owning a Linea then I feel for you.  

However on the positive side, I am looking forward to the challenge ahead and I can get this piece of equipment, this
work of art back to showroom condition.  

Paul 23/03/05
Finally completed! 05/05/05

Right no more machines for a few weeks, I need a rest.   The week before I left for SCAA Seattle I was on track to
get all the machines in progress back to their respective owners.  However this machine pulled the rug from right
under my feet - big time.  It was a mad rush to get this machine back together so that I could have 3-4 days testing.
Then when I plugged it in, I discovered it had the most annoying electrical fault I have ever come across.

I can't tell you how much time I have spent on the wiring problem, if I add up my time sheets it will be well in excess of
60 solid hours - all spent pulling each wire out and then going through wire by wire with the circuit diagram.  Believe
me when I tell you on times I had thought about throwing the machine out the window, it was that frustrating.  Maybe
the poor machine just wanted to stay with me and couldn't face more abuse from the restaurant staff!

As much as I am relieved to see this machine out my workshop, I do feel a bit sad. I would hate to see it come back
in a few years time in the same condition as it arrived.
The Time taken - 2 months!

New parts required...

Every single gasket
Safety valves
1 autofil solenoid
All new switches for
cosmetic purposes
Diffusor screens
CEME p-stat
Finished baybee!
The after pics -
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