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La Marzocco 2 Group FB70 AV
Manufacturer:                La Marzocco srl., Florence, Italy

Model:                            Linea, 2 Group Semi-Automatic, 220V, Single Phase.  2300W

Approx Date of Manuf:   2000 January

Date acquired:               March 2005

Working condition:         Yes

Notes:                             Full overhaul
Basic condition

This machine was working but was looking very tired so he had to come to me for some rest and an overhaul.  
There was obvious limescale and dirt build-up inside the boilers and all the steel panels and switches (all the
cosmetic details) were worn.  

For those of you not familiar with the FB it was introduced in 1997 to commemorate 70 years of production for the
Bambi family. Internally it is identical to the Linea.  The only real difference is the top of the frame and for this
reason you cannot swap a Linea and an FB70 body.  These machines only come in 2, 3 and 4 groups machines.  
This machine is a 2 group and for me a 2 group FB70 is just a bit too short.  A 3 or 4 group looks better and does
the curved body more justice.  
A standard Red FB To be honest a 2 group just doesn't do the shape justice.  Everything the same as a Linea. Heavy scale build-up on the water spout.
Not too bad inside for 5 years in service! Signs of a leak from somewhere. The infamous dirty fan.  Looks like something like a drink has been dropped on to top.
The frame is just a tiny bit smaller than a Linea frame. Oooh that's a new one.  Scale from a fitting. Scale from the brew boiler element. The welding on the element (steam) seems to have broken down.
I found the leak - it was from the pressure gauge.  That's rock hard scale on the steel. The main fascia panel badly needs repolishing. Autofill probe.  Err new gasket anyone? Looks like the group cap had been leaking (?)
Sight glass looking very tired. Check valve - look how the gasket has That steam boiler fitting again. The group valve plunger - backflush people!! come on!
Although a Linea man through and through the FB is a great design.  Actually this machine used to belong to me
and was passed on to the new owners when I sold my retail business.  I can still remember to this day the excitement
when we first unpacked the crate to see the FB for the first time.  You have to remember that trade shows in Asia
are pretty crap and it's either fly to the US or Italy to see any new developments or machines.  So the first time I
even saw an FB was when we ordered one for ourselves.

The FB is really easy to clean and doesn't show up smudgy fingerprints like the steel of a Linea does.  

Once I rebuild it I shall put it alongside the brass Linea and see how they compare.  

As I write this the machine has already been stripped and cleaned and I am just sitting around whilst the citric works
it's magic on the steam boiler and copper pipes.

Paul 31/03/05
Completed machine

I finished the machine around 10th April however I decided to delay the installation until I returned from Seattle.  Thi
smachine was very straightforward even though I decided the get the body resprayed.  The man who did the body
did an amazing job and after I sanded the body down, I left a 1cm x 1cm square so he could match to the original
colour, which he did very well.
Resprayed and finished. Looking good. Cup trays all polished. The base was repainted too.
All new fascia components. Now that is like a new machine! The inside looks new too - new safety valve. New fan and brain box.
New CEME p-stat and contactor Lovely. Inside the top panel.  Finsihed!
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