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La Marzocco 1 Group Linea AV overhaul
Manufacturer:                La Marzocco srl., Florence, Italy

Model:                            Linea, 1 Group Semi-Automatic, 220V, Single Phase.  2300W

Approx Date of Manuf:   2001 serial 19XXX

Date acquired:               November 2004

Working condition:         Yes, taken as working condition, all handles, trim and pump in place.

Notes:                             Part of a maintenance agreement to overhaul the machine completely every 36 months.
Basic condition

Actually the machine was running well but it has been in operation for 3 years and was due for an overhaul.  There
have been of late a few niggling little things like a few gaskets going here and there creating a few leaks which is to
be expected of a machine in service 24/7 for 3 years.  

My main concern was the limescale visible through the sight glass which is a great indicator of what is inside the
machine.   Also the group to boiler gasket had perished slightly and some scale was creeping through.  Although
that was a poor component (the silicone rubber gasket) to replace it every few years is quite acceptable.  Actually I
just want to show that with routine maintenance BEFORE anything major happens you can get your machine back
within a week in the same condition as it left the factory.  This is a combination of having the skills and tools to do
the job, but also having a piece of equipment so well constructed that it should last a lifetime.
There he is.  36 months old and in good shape. Inside not to shabby. A little dirty but to be expected with 3 years of HK pollution. The frame has some dirt and OK there it is, that was what I was looking for.
Flowmeter just visible at the bottom. Dirty but not scractched.  Pressure gauge was leaking slightly. The tell tale sign of some nasty stuff inside. Scale inside the boiler drain ball valves.
Brew boiler safety fuse.  Front fascia panel removed. The autofil probe!  The groups had some scale coming through. The group and boiler.  Thermostat has been removed.
Scale inside the group. Underside of the group cover. Scale coming through the gasket - same group. Oh dear, I broke a stud off the boiler. Heating elements.  Steam boiler (top) brew (bottom).
The flowmeter had some scale too. The impeller was a bit dirty but reusable. The flowmeter needs descaling too. If you can see, there is some scale inside the flowmeter inlet and outlet.
Cleaning and descaling

Alright everything was completely stripped down and dismantled.  What follows is my usual procedure:

Dismantle components (valves, flowmeters) and clean in an ultrasonic bath.
Descale all parts (especially boilers) in an acid bath.

Whilst the boilers are descaling (usually 3-4 days) I will clean the small components one final time in another
ultrasonic bath - this time with an acid solution.  

The frame is washed down and repainted if necessary.  The stainless steel panels are repolished and rebrushed.
Clean components and reassembly

Without blowing my own trumpet it has taken me years of experience and experimenting to be able to get
components that clean.
The completed machine

Sorry again no pictures showing it being built.  Before rebuilding the brew boiler was tested under pressure for
48hours before going into the frame.  That gasket between the group and boiler is tricky.  
Looking a lot cleaner. Again, inside came up very clean. Hot water valve.  Boilers and flowmeters looking great.  The frame was polished too.
Very clean.  New group to boiler gasket. Sight glass restored to as new condition. Logo plate.  I polished the base too back to mirror finish. Solenoid valve restored too.
Top of boilers.  Inlet solenoid on steam boiler.  New safety valve.  Repolished side panels.  The repaired stud that I broke.
Completed machine 1st left.  Same line-up again. The other side.  Actually I did not have time to rebrush the steel on the body (: A job well done.
Good for another 36 months

I have to say that this machine is pretty much as good as when it left the factory.  In fact with the new CEME p-stat
installed and the new safety valve it is the same as current spec Lineas.  
This website is created by Paul Pratt, Hong Kong 2004. If you would like to use any of the images or text I am sure I
will say yes, but please ask first!  

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Boiler expansion valve all cleaned up and new gasket installed.
Same valve.  You can tell it has been descaled as it is slightly pink.
One way check valve has also been cleaned.
Same valve.
Reassembled check valves.
A spotless solenoid valve!
Yes these really are 3 year old valves!
Element clean.  The boiler and group back together.
Same element again.
You have to be very careful not to damage elements.